Relgas Opcionales Toolkit


Advantages instead of weapon ratings:

  • HMG vs Pistol, HMG gets a free aspect BETTER FIREPOWER with 1 FREE INVOCATION.
  • HMG vs fists, HMG gets BETTER FIREPOWER with Style, with 2 FREE INVOCATION.
  • In Narrow tunnel, the knife gets BETTER CHOICE vs a sword.

Aspects as skills

  • Instead of having skills, use aspects, and each one gives +1 to the action. (Maybe 7 aspects better than 5)
  • I.E. someone with HONORABLE KNIGHT, STRONG, WARMASTER… Can have a +2 fighting someone with HONORABLE KNIGHT STRONGLY. Maybe only +1 if only fighting dirty but STRONGLY.

Flexible stunts: (Stunts that are not connected to Skills)

  • Ally’s Shield: You can invoke Dwarven Shield-Maiden when a nearby ally
    suffers an attack. When you do, redirect that attack to yourself. Your defense
    is Average (+1) against that attack.
  • Berserk Rage: When you suffer a physical consequence, you can invoke that
    consequence for free on your next attack. If you suffer multiple physical con-
    sequences, you get a free invocation for each.
  • Useful Little Things: Your pockets are full of useful little things. Whenever
    you need something, you have it, provided it’s not something too unusual
    (like a map to Jimmy Hoffa’s body) or too large to fit in a pocket, belt pouch,
    or backpack. When you say you have something, the GM should be likely to

Aspected Stunts
Stunts connected to aspects instead of Skills:

  • Charge Like Ox: Because you are Strong Like Ox, once per scene, as a single action, you may move two zones in a straight line then make a physical attack.
  • Teflon Troublemaker: When your Can’t Keep His Big Mouth Shut aspect is compelled to make you the target of an attack, you may immediately clear any mild consequences you currently have, instead of taking a fate point.

Triggered Stunts

  • When certain situation occurs, the stunt automatically triggers.

Broad Stunts

  • Instead of applying always +2 for an specific action, APPLY +1 but BROADER THE ACTION LIST. (e.g. +1 fighting with long swords…)

Adjusting Stunt Costs

  • Maybe each stunt costs a fate point to activate, or requires you to take stress, or costs an action to activate, or gives an enemy a boost. You can build any number of costs into the use of a stunt.

Aspect Events

Make the story into parts and create an aspect for every part. It is possible to make it as a countdown, crossing aspects while the story goes on, and forcing the players to be quick. e.g.
• Explosions and Fire!
• A Rash of Murders
• Citywide Panic
• Under Terrorist Threat
• Three Hours to Detonation
• Smoking Crater

Collateral Consequences

In addition to their usual complement of consequences, the players can also make use of three communal consequences, one of each degree of severity. These represent damage to the environment or new complications in the story, such as Injured Bystanders or Anti-Mutant Hysteria. Players can effectively use them to offload harm from themselves onto the world around them. A collateral consequence can be cleared just like a regular one, using an overcome action with whatever skill seems most appropriate, with two exceptions. One, it must be done during the scene in which the consequence is incurred. Two, there’s no delay—with a good enough skill roll it clears immediately. This option is best suited for genres, such as supers, in which the PCs are likely to care a great deal about the world around them.

Relgas Opcionales Toolkit

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